Matte Clay Hair Paste

Size Guide
  • 3.4 oz Matte Finish 
  • Medium, tacky hold 
  • Redwood scent 
  • Water-Based Plant-based   

Our Matte Clay Paste was designed to give you a completely matte finish and all day medium hold that is soft enough to restyle when needed. We like a lightweight feel with hair products. This paste meets our ideals of a product that feels light and natural yet packs the punch to keep your hair under control. The hold is tacky rather than firm. Your hair will retain its shape and style all day but you won’t have the crunchy/stiff feeling of gel. Scent: The Redwood scent is subtle and clean. There are rich woodsy tones of cedar with soft florals and hints of citrus. It is subtle enough to compliment your colognes without causing the fragrances to clash.     P.S. The declared volume on the jar is 3.4oz so you can travel with it, but it is actually closer to 4 ounces.